CV Updates

Saturday 11th March 2017

PRESENTATION - Lego workshop therapy – helping children work through patience and respect for others with lego.Especially beneficial for working with children on the autism spectrum to develop relationship and communication skills.

PRESENTER - Debra Darbyshire is one of our well known Counsellors Victoria members who will be sharing her knowledge and training in lego workshop therapy

Supervision - Counsellors own case discussion in groups

The agenda is as follows:

· Registration& Networking 12.30 - 1.00pm


Here you will find all of the legacy files from the previous Federation of Victorian Counsellors newsletters. You shall also find the current Victorian Counsellors quarterly newsletters. Please take a moment to review and be informed about your association.


Professional Supervision
What is it?

There is a lot of talk about supervision and the need for it, but there seems to be little understanding of what supervision actually entails and why it is required. Supervision is a mandatory requirement of most professional organisations and should be written into any contracts where a counsellor is employed.


Membership of the CV consist of three levels; Fellowship, Full Member and Student Members.

Members meet the standards and criteria as laid down by the Association for Full and Student Membership and are currently financial members of the Australian Counselling Association prior to being eligible for CV membership. All members subscribe to the Objects, Code of Conduct and Ethics of the CV.